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Tours Mildword Superman en Costa Rica

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During this tour, you will connect to a 2 km double cable line and fly Superman style on a farm. It is fascinating and different from everything you have experienced. Have you ever wanted to fly like Superman? If so, this is your opportunity.


Enjoy the Midworld Tours Costa Rica

A transport will pick you up from your hotel and take you to the location of the tour. During their tour, the lines of Superman are in a beautiful African palm plantation that is about 20 minutes from Quepos. Do not hesitate to ask the guide questions about the area and the Costa Rican culture. Once you arrive at the destination, the food is served or you can take some time to go to the bathroom.


When everyone is ready, they will start their way to the first platform and will be dressed in full body harness and helmets. Once they are located they will give way to connect to the cables. When you are safe and ready, it is time to fly. This line of Superman is the largest in all of Central America, offering participants enough time to enjoy the ride and observe the beautiful surroundings.


Fascinating Midworld superman tour in Costa Rica

Safety is a high priority here and all participants in the trip are given a comprehensive summary of the protocol before they begin. The body harness and double pulley system ensure that you stay snug, with a helmet and eye protection, keeping any unwanted object out of your head or face.

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