Eco Terra Shuttle and Crocodile Tour in Costa Rica


Eco Terra Shuttle and Crocodile Tour in Manuel Antonio

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Eco Terra Shuttle and Crocodile Tour will take you to the wild landscape of the Costa Rican coast. You can appreciate the romantic vegetation of the hacienda, and ride a boat through the brackish waters of the Tárcoles River. Along the way you will see exotic animals; including a particular species that comes equipped with an impressive set of teeth.

The tour begins when you ride the Eco Terra minibus. This consists of a well-conditioned vehicle that provides comfortable transportation, with air conditioning and Wi-Fi. Before your arrival at the first destination, the tour will stop at San Ramón so you can have a cup of local coffee.

Adventure with Crocodile Tour in Costa Rica

In Tárcoles, you will get on a boat. The Tárcoles River has the largest population of American crocodiles in Central America. You will have a good opportunity to observe them on the banks of the river. In this area, they regularly grow up to 5 meters. For a little more than an hour, you will sail along the shores of mangrove forests that grow along the banks of Carara National Park. This area hosts red eugastropods; small mollusks that cling to rocks near the coast. The sandy banks usually act as a stop for flocks of waterfowl such as kingfishers, herons, and spoonbills.


Enjoy a Spectacular Tour with Eco Terra and Crocodile Tour


At the end of the tour, you will enjoy a buffet lunch. After having eaten until satisfied, you will board the minibus once more, only this time you will go to the beaches of Manuel Antonio National Park. Some of these beaches are excellent for swimming, and all have crystal blue-green waters, and a thin strip of sand bordered by green forests.


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