Children tour through the Costa Rica Rainforest


Children’s Tours Saving the Rainforest in Costa Rica

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The Kids Saving the Rainforest Tours is an animal sanctuary started with two 9-year-old girls selling handicrafts in an effort to raise money for the preservation of the rainforest. This is a project by Janine Licare and Aislin Livingstone has expanded to a reserve that protects more than 150 animals each year. During the tour of this reserve you can expect to observe different types of animals.


Enjoy an unforgettable tour for your children in Costa Rica

In this refuge monkeys and sloths have a place to rest and recover before returning to their natural habitat. They are more than 200 animals that can no longer survive in nature and are rescued to enjoy the sanctuary as their home. The proceeds of the tours are used to support the mission of KSTR in Costa Rica.


Tour Saving the Forest in Costa Rica

Most of the animals rescued in KSTR are squirrel monkeys. Also if you are awake, you will observe the nocturnal kinkajúes and you will see how a lazy expert feeds one of the lazy residents. The tour includes a break for snacks and optional swimming in the pool of the reserve, in Costa Rica

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