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¿Would you like to know the best catamaran tour in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica??

From $75

In the Catamaran Manuel Antonio we offer the most spectacular catamaran tour in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, where you can enjoy various activities such as snorkeling in the beautiful Biesanz Beach reef and dolphin watching on the rich coast of the National Park Manuel Antonio.



Catamaran Tour In the Morning and Cruise Tour at sunset

You have the possibility to set aside a catamaran tour in the morning or a sailboat cruise in the afternoon. This regular catamaran tour offers an affordable low price per person. You share the boat with other guests. It is an excellent way to meet people who are also on vacation in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.


Enjoy Boats with Confortable Seats and Shade, also Water Slide

The catamaran Manuel Antonio offers you the most diverse alternatives of boats that include a catamaran, a sailboat and a trimaran. All our boats offer you a large number of comfortable places to feel and enjoy seeing the rich coast of Manuel Antonio.

We have two types the trimaran and the catamaran offer a water slide on the back that is very fun for children and adults. The slide gives the tour an extra dose of adrenaline and the opportunity to jump into the tropical waters of Costa Rica.

The sailboat is one of the favorites among those who seek the true sea experience. It is a 56-foot sailboat with a beautiful blue course and was built perfectly to explore the coast of Manuel Antonio.


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