Manuel Antonio Catamaran Cruise

Catamaran Cruise in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

Manuel Antonio Catamaran Cruise Costa Rica

Catamaran and Sailboat Tours in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

Experience a dream adventure aboard a catamaran cruise  Manuel Antonio, which will take you through different places that are a paradise that are part of the Manuel Antonio Costa Rica National Park. Through this Manuel Antonio cruisecatamaran tour, you will have activities in the small islands that Manuel Antonio has on the Pacific Coast, and for those who love sports, snorkeling is the most performed activity in Manuel Antonio. Along the route aboard the catamaran cruise Manuel Antonio you will have the spectacular scenery and the beautiful life that the marine world offers you.

A Manuel Antonio  day catamaran cruise is an activity that you cannot forget, and in whatever time it is, in the afternoon or in the morning, it will provide a relaxed trip, where along the journey you will appreciate the panoramic view of the islands that the Manuel Antonio. These islands are rock formations that at first glance look like cliffs, where you can appreciate the beauty of the sunsets that Manuel Antonio gives us.

In our tour on the catamaran cruise Manuel Antonio Costa Rica you will have at your disposal a specialized guide with knowledge about flora and fauna, and marine and wild life, which will make you fall in love with each species that inhabits the areas of Manuel Antonio and raise awareness about they.

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Dream Tour of the Pacific Coast

When traveling the Pacific coast in the Manuel Antonio cruise catamaran you will be able to enjoy a myriad of activities, including diving with marine life, guided by a specialized team and professionals who carry out activities safely, and so you can enjoy with tranquility of everything that this tour aboard the catamaran cruise Manuel Antonio offers, as the variety of tropical fish, dolphins and whales.

The Catamaran Cruise in Manuel Antonio has a service that provides all the comforts, with drinks and snacks related to the sea, you can also enjoy an excellent lunch overlooking the Pacific Ocean, and you are already in it, just imagine it! Ideal! Being on board a catamaran cruise Manuel Antonio Costa Rica is an experience that takes you straight to a paradise, with the tranquility of the sounds of the waves of the sea, and the warmth of the crystalline beaches of the Pacific Coast.

The first stop of the Catamaran Cruise Manuel Antonio is the Bay of Biesanz, which has an ideal temperature to enjoy a dip; this same one is somewhat remote from the massive tourism that registers in Manuel Antonio. A trip in Catamaran Cruise Manuel Antonio is an ideal way to connect with nature and the ocean.

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Catamaran Cruise Around Manuel Antonio National Park

Choose the adventure that best suits your style, with endless activities to enjoy; Thesecatamaran tours Manuel Antonio have the advantages of having the comfort of a round trip transfer to the best hotels in Manuel Antonio. Catamaran cruise Manuel Antonio costa rica provide security and an excellent team of professionals who will be at your disposal at all times, for safety and confidence, especially when children are on board, so there are no excuses to enjoy a wonderful journey in the catamaran cruise Manuel Antonio.

For those who love nature and marine life, the Catamaran Cruise in Manuel Antonio offer a tour of the different islands that make up Manuel Antonio, where most of them practice snorkeling, kayaking and surfing. At the moment of immersing yourself in the underwater world, you would appreciate a variety of corals, dolphins, manta rays and endless species of the sea.

In the province of Quepos it is mainly where diving and snorkeling activities take place, that's why the one-day Catamaran Cruise in Manuel Antonio, offer you in a comfortable way to carry out activities that make you live unique experiences different from what you have previously experienced.

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Unique and unrivaled experiences in Manuel Antonio

The Catamaran Cruise in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica offer exceptional tours of the magnificent natural beauties of the Pacific Coast in Manuel Antonio, surrounded by crystal clear waters with a great variety of aquatic life; with diversity of flora and fauna that gives the jungle. The province of Queposin Costa Rica is blessed with innumerable landscapes and coasts that are found within Manuel Antonio, achieving that there are more than 10 formations of small islands. Manuel Antonio offers everything a little, jungle, mountain,beach, volcanoes and more, and the catamaran cruise Manuel Antonio Costa Rica you can appreciate the most beautiful marine life, as well as see the cliffs worthy of panoramic photos for postcard.

As we set sail for the horizon aboard the Catamaran Cruise Manuel Antonio, you will visualize large waves and in the distance the migration of different birds with: eagle, seagulls and pelican; and among marine life is also the migration of whales and dolphins. Most naturalists take advantage of the Catamaran cruisestoursManuel Antonio costa rica to appreciate the creatures that inhabit the coasts of Manuel Antonio, since having a blessed tropical climate makes the Manuel Antonio National Park an ideal place for animal life.
Manuel Antonio is considered the most visited park in Costa Rica, and at the same time chosen as one of the seven wonders thanks to its great variety of flora and fauna. A day of cruise catamaran Manuel Antonio Costa Rica gives you active nature and crystalline emerald green waters, describing it with paradise in the central pacific, Manuel Antonio gives you days of enjoyment to tourists, highlighting that the days in Manuel Antonio are different, relaxing and fun, since the visitor can perform many different activities.

Costa Rica is the preferred habitat for a wide variety of terrestrial and marine species; Manuel Antonio is an attractive place for lovers of eco-tourism and nature, so if you want to explore, we invite you to join our catamaran cruise Manuel Antonioto live an experience of another level. J.V

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